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Thread: The horrible horrible world of sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by Politesse View Post
    That must be why countries that haven't outlawed polygamy are just completely baffled as to how to legislate it.

    I'd be quite happy to look into how countries that allow polygamy do handle it. Do you know which do? Of course, you could also provide that information for discussion purposes rather than just looking down your nose at me with such condescension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emily Lake View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Politesse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
    But we still don't have fully equal rights for all the weirdos. Polygamy is still suppressed for Biblical reasons that I have no idea why we still respect
    Islamaphobia and anti-Mormon propoganda.
    Meh. I don't think it's that so much as a pretty substantial Christian influence overall. I also think the government as a whole doesn't want to grant the tax benefits of marriage to larger groupings, purely for financial reasons. It would also really complicate divorce and inheritance law. If a wealthy women has five husbands, and she dies... who is the closest relative by default? Would a polygamandrous marriage be required to keep explicit wills defining every detail? What happens when a quadruple has four earners of varying levels of income, and one of them divorces the other - who pays p/alimony?

    I don't have any problems at all about polyamory. To be quite honest, it would be lovely to have a housespouse who is a good cook and likes to clean! It's the legal and legislative repercussions that get complicated when I start thinking about it.
    There are no tax benefits of marriage in my jurisdiction. There's nothing stopping any US jurisdictions from making taxation entirely matrimony neutral.

    Tax laws are not laws of nature.

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