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Thread: Film/TV scenes which double as music videos

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    Film/TV scenes which double as music videos

    Most of the music I listen to comes from the soundtracks and trailers of the films and TV shows I watch. I'll hear an excerpt, track down the rest of the song, check out the artist's other work.

    I hate AMVs(music videos where fans set some song as background music for a montage of clips from a show), but I have liked when the actual show/film itself non-diegetically incorporates a song in its entirety(or a significant portion of it). I've been introduced to a few artists this way.

    This thread is for scenes of that sort. Has anybody noticed any that I don't already have? (Songs from Glee and other musicals don't count.)

    WARNING: these sorts of scenes by their very nature contain spoilers.

    For example, the first one I ever bothered saving, Breathe Me-- it's the soundtrack for the very last scene of the very last episode of the series Six Feet Under, a scene consisting of a montage that fast forwards into the future. Spoiler--

    transhumanists still haven't cured death by 2085.

    Warning: in addition to the spoilers, this might be depressing to watch:

    Then there's the chronologically earliest one of these that I've noticed, Nina Simone's Sinnerman from The Thomas Crown Affair. Occurs near the end, during the climactic heist.
    Warnings: spoiler

    Unkle's "Burn My Shadow" plays throughout the climactic fight scene of the film Repo Men:

    Warnings: spoiler, NSFW (bloody violence)

    I found Cabin Fever 2 to be a terribly disappointing film, but I liked the opening credits, which featured an animated depiction of how the events of the first film cause the events of the second film, set to the song "Dancing on Our Graves" by The Cave Singers:
    Warnings: spoilers for the end of Cabin Fever, animated bloody violence

    Ghost Ship uses Gabriel Mann's "My Little Box" as the soundtrack to a flashback near the end of the film which reveals both the entire backstory and a major plot twist.
    Warnings: spoiler, NSFW (very bloody violence)

    And the most recent one I've encountered:
    Person of Interest made use of Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt" in season 3, episode 10. Spoiler warning: This scene focuses on the aftermath of a major plot development from episode 9. Since I can only embed 5 videos at a time anyway, I'll leave this one as a link:

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    OK, this one is by far one of the best I've ever seen- from the ending of Scrubs*. Peter Gabriel's "Book of Love".

    My wife is a huge fan of cop shows, but the only one I really liked- no, LOVED- was Homicide: Life on the Street. There was one of these "music video" sequences in nearly every episode, but I can't find most of my favourites, like Counting Crows' "Raining in Baltimore" from the episode "Last of the Watermen", or John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison's "I Cover the Waterfront" in the episode "Crosetti". But I did find this - Tom Waits' "Cold Cold Ground" from the episode "Bad Medicine". The song starts at 3:25, but the preceding scene is also brilliant.

    This isn't QUITE what you're looking for, but it's a really great scene from Community. Troy and Abed singing "Somewhere Out There".

    Also, technically, these are "fan montages" which you rightfully mentioned your distaste for, but they're based on actual music moments in the shows in question that I can't find youtube videos for.

    From the episode of Doctor Who "Vincent and the Doctor" - "Chances" by Athlete. Amazing end to an amazing episode.

    And, from "Battestar Galactica", Bear McCreary's amazing version of "All Along The Watchtower" from the finale of season 3. Don't even think of looking at this one if you haven't seen the whole series though.

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    This movie was a family favorite when I was a young boy.

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    Considering the Bee Gees tribute was just last night.:

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