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Thread: Reference Request: the study of organizational interaction

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    Reference Request: the study of organizational interaction

    Bit of a vague request, but hoping someone can parse it.

    Assuming an organization can be any of, but not limited to: governments, corporations, individuals, religions.. etc

    Is there a field of study that looks at the various interactions of these organizations?

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    Organizational studies is "the examination of how individuals construct organizational structures, processes, and practices and how these, in turn, shape social relations and create institutions that ultimately influence people",[1] organizational studies comprise different areas that deal with the different aspects of the organizations, many of the approaches are functionalist but critical research also provide alternative frame for understanding in the field.

    Apparently there is a field of studies about organizations. Not that I know much about this.

    Amazon offers works on the subject, ranging from sociology of organizations, to case studies on organizations an so on. Since there are a wide variety of organizations, churches, businesses, military, educational,political, tribal, and many others, its probably a vast and complex field of study.

    Good luck.
    Cheerful Charlie

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