How Membership Works

Registered Members of FRDB are able to create new threads and posts in any forum they have permissions. In order to assist Staff in moderating all forums, members should take and active role in reporting suspected violations. In order to align this to the Terms of Use, the following membership responsabilities should be applied:
Members are responsible for the content of their threads and their posts, and should ensure at all times that these threads and/or posts comply with the TOU.
Members should report violations of the TOU by using the Request Mod Action and giving an explanation as to why you feel it violates the TOU.
Members should not use Request Mod Action as a form of harassment of other members or the Staff.
Members will not use this board to promote hate/fear mongering, for any illegal advocation, or pro-pedophilia. Please use Request Mod Action if you see anything that relates to these.
When members create a thread making claims, they are required to support those claims. Remembering that FRDB promotes rational thought and discussion.
Threads and posts can be moved at Staff discretion. You may use feedback to question such an action.
If members feel that their thread, forum or any content is being spammed, flamed or trolled, please report this. We endeavor to make this board a place where you wish to be, without having to tolerate members who would think otherwise.